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Residential Locksmith

Want to keep your house safe? Bothell Lock & Key in Washington can help! Bothell has a history of making homes secure. We’re the ones you can trust.

Your Home’s Protector – Why Bothell Lock & Key?

Imagine a protector for your house all the time – that’s Bothell Lock & Key. No matter if you live in a small house, an apartment, or a cozy condo, our locksmiths keep your home safe. We know how important it is to feel safe at home. That’s why we provide the best locksmith services that stop anyone who shouldn’t be getting in.

Lots of Helpful Services

At Bothell Lock & Key, we do a lot of things to make your home safe. If you want new locks on your doors, we can do that. If you want your current locks to work with new keys, we can do that too. When you move to a new home, we make sure only the right keys can open your doors.

If you have problems with your locks, we can fix them. We’re good at fixing locks on doors, cars, safes, and a lot more. We’re also really good at working with old locks to keep your special things safe.

Cool New Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

Want to use fancy, modern locks without keys? Bothell Lock & Key can make that happen. Our high-tech locks work great and are easy to use. You won’t need to use traditional keys anymore.

Making Copies and Changing Locks

Need extra keys or want to change all your locks? We’re licensed locksmiths, and we’re really good at what we do. Whether you need more keys or want to change locks, we do it carefully. We care about making you feel safe.

Good Quality You Can Trust

Keeping you safe is important, so we give you the best stuff. Bothell Lock & Key can also handle products from famous brands like Schlage and Medeco. We can install, repair, replace as well as maintain them. We even give you a guarantee for our work along with a guarantee from the company that makes the locks.

Lots of Experience

Bothell Lock & Key has been helping Washington homes for over 15 years. We know what homes here need to be safe. We don’t just put in locks- we make sure they fit where you live.

How to Get Help

Want our help? You can contact us anytime. We can cut keys, fix things, and tell you how much things cost. If you’re stuck outside or need help fast, we come to you. We can provide our services throughout Washington and surrounding areas.

Are you ready to Make Your Home Safe?

Call us at (425) 448-7059 and our skilled locksmiths will help you. Choose Bothell Lock & Key to make your home super safe and secure. Our residential locksmith experts are always keen and equipped to offer the best residential locksmith without charging high rates. Therefore whenever you need reasonable locksmith services we are just a call away. We also provide commercial and automoitve locksmith services. 

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