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Commercial Locksmith

Are you looking for help to keep your business safe and secure? Bothell Lock & Key is the best choice for commercial locksmith services in Washington and surrounding areas. We are experts in making sure that business, schools, and other important places stay protected. Let’s learn more about what we do.

How We Can Help

At Bothell Lock & Key, we provide special services to keep businesses safe. We do things like fixing locks, installing new ones, and even helping in emergencies. Here are some ways we can help you-

Putting in New Locks- We can add new locks and keys to doors, keeping things safe.

Making Keys- We can make new keys if you need extras or if you lose one.

Fancy Locks- We can set up locks that work without keys, using special codes or cards.

Master Keys- We make special keys that can open lots of locks, helpful for big places like schools.

Fixing Locks- If a lock is broken; we can fix it so it works like new.

Emergencies- If you get locked out, we can come quickly to help you get back inside.

Super Safe Locks- We have extra-strong locks and safes to keep things very safe.
We do jobs of all sizes, from small fixes to big projects. We always tell you how much things will cost and make sure there are no surprises.

Who We Help

We help many different businesses and places stay secure. Some of the places we work with are-

Stores and Shops- We help keep stores safe so they don’t get broken into.

Schools and Hospitals- We make keys and locks that work in big places like schools and hospitals.

Government Buildings- We make sure important buildings have strong locks for security.

Warehouses and Factories- We help big places where lots of people go in and out.

We provide our best services in and around the Washington area. If you own any business, you can contact us for help.

Why Choose Bothell Lock & Key

You might wonder why you should choose us. Well, here are some reasons-

Licensed Experts: We have a license to do this special work in Washington and surrounding areas.

Great Products: We use top-quality locks and keys made by famous companies.

We Guarantee Our Work

We promise our work will be good for many days after we do it and we provide you guarantee of our work too. When it comes to providing the commercial locksmith services we are the best in business.

We have been the best at helping businesses stay secure throughout Washington and surrounding areas. You can visit our store or give us a call to get more information about how we can help you.

Bothell Lock & Key is the best choice when it comes to keeping your business safe. We make sure locks work well, add new ones when needed, and help in emergencies. If you need help with locks, keys, or security, we are here to help. We also provie residential and automotive services. 

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